Welcome to Pipe and Slippers

So, what’s it all about? Well, for over thirty years I’ve collected a large number of books on assorted topics, mainly motorsport in various forms, aviation, military history to name just a few categories. I’ve also gathered some memorabilia and collectables along the way.

The time has come to downsize and move house and there will not be enough room to store my collection, so it’s time to let others take ownership and enjoy my books as I did.

I’ve sold a few on eBay, but their commission rates are so high that the net return is very poor, and I don’t feel like adding to their bottom line at my own expense (literally). Same for ETSY, and Amazon are worse, tying you into a monthly contract.

So, I decided to create my own bookstore online. It’s not a business, just a way to sell a few specialist books to other like minded enthusiasts and anoraks!

I’m also take photographs and use digital media to create artwork, and if you’re interested, there are a selection to look at and buy if you like them.

I’m not charging postage, it gets too complicated to automate, so the prices reflect that policy. Postage/shipping is not cheap, and books are generally heavy, so please take that into account when considering the asking price.

Nearly all my books are in tip top condition, with excellent dustjackets (if applicable) and little signs of use. The odd one or two that do not meet this criteria will be highlighted in the description.

So, come and look, see what I have and perhaps we’ll do some business.

Happy browsing.